PlayBook Tidbits #1

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Lots of interesting tidbits starting to come out from CES 2011 with a slew of new videos (well, I've seen two so far, but compared to the recent dearth of new stuff I call that a slew).

  1. Product Manager Ryan Bidan tells Information Week that the "target" battery life is 8 hours "in regular use". So much for Shaw Wu's bogus and questionably slanted claims that the device will have only "a few hours" of battery life.
  2. In the same video, you can see him swipe through the installed apps on that particular beta unit, and one of the games is Quake III, and indeed Today in Tech refers to this and shows a screenshot. CNET senior editor Donald Bell has a BlackBerry PlayBook hands-on video that shows a few seconds of live video from Quake III.
  3. Bidan says they are still "committed to delivering this product in Q1" but he can't be more specific. For a brief time Google had cached a WSJ article with the title "RIM Tablet Delayed Until Summer", but obviously someone with a clue thought better of that title as it now leads to an article titled "RIM Joins With Sprint on Tablet", where it talks about the 4G version in partnership with Sprint.
  4. Some of the earliest approved apps by us little guys are even showing up in that InfoWeek video, including Jason Fincanon's Memory4Kidz. There's also Nic Nac Noe (Ninja Tic Tac Toe), with a couple of screen shown in the CNET video mentioned above, though I don't see that on App World yet.
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