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Using the flash.text.Font.enumerateFonts() routine one can see the following fonts available (at the moment... back at SDK beta 2) in the PlayBook simulator (skipping over some Japanese, Thai, and Indian fonts, and grouping related ones with slashes, to keep the list shorter):

  1. Andale Mono
  2. Arial
  3. BBAlpha Sans (plus Condensed/Mono)
  4. BBAlpha Serif
  5. BBArabic Keypad
  6. BBGlobal Sans
  7. BBGlobal Serif
  8. Bitstream Vera Sans (plus Mono)
  9. Bitstream Vera Serif
  10. Comic Sans MS
  11. Courier New
  12. DejaVu Sans (plus Mono)
  13. DejaVu Serif
  14. Droid Sans Mono
  15. Georgia
  16. Impact
  17. Liberation Mono/Sans/Serif
  18. Tahoma
  19. Times New Roman
  20. Trebuchet MS
  21. Verdana
  22. Webdings
  23. Wingdings (plus 2 and 3)

It seems they're also taking requests for other fonts to be available in the final release.

[Edit: a handful of new fonts was added in the 0.9.4 release, and most importantly the default font changed from "BB Alpha Sans" to "Myriad Pro".]

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